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T-Clinic (Transgender Clinic)

Affirming care for youth

Parenting a transgender child can be stressful and uncertain. In addition, children and teens experiencing discomfort with their sex and gender (gender dysphoria) often have feelings of distress.

The multidisciplinary team at the Randall Children’s T-Clinic is here to provide parents and kids with behavioral health support, as well the most up-to-date medical care.

We understand that every child has a unique gender journey, and we hope to meet the needs of both child and family. We do our best to be welcoming and supportive.

Who we are

The T-Clinic provides a wide range of care to transgender and gender-diverse youth. We are a branch of the Diabetes and Endocrine Center of Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel, a regional leader in the care of children and teens.

Each member of our team is passionate about serving gender-diverse youth. We all have training in transgender care and take part in ongoing education in this field.

What we do

We use an integrated approach to help the child or adolescent and family identify the plan of care that is best for them. This plan may include:

  • Additional mental health support
  • Hormone therapy (pubertal suppression or cross-sex hormone therapy)
  • Surgery referral
  • Help with finding additional care and resources in the community
  • Help with transition to medical professionals for adult care

How to reach us

Children and adolescents are usually referred to us by either their primary care provider or their mental health professional. We do not require a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to see a patient or family; however, patients need mental health support to start medical care.

Not sure where to start?

Before scheduling an appointment with a doctor, you can meet with our nurse to ask questions and learn about our clinic.

What to expect

  • Once we receive a referral, our nurse will call the family to learn more about your child's needs.
  • We may request medical records, including those from mental health professionals.
  • New patients to our clinic are typically seen by a doctor and a mental health professional.
  • We might perform labs and X-rays.
  • We discuss each patient as a team and follow-up with the family and patient soon after.
  • We may ask the child or adolescent and family to meet with the team psychologist for additional help in care planning.
  • We typically see patients every four to six months, depending on the stage of transition.
  • We also check blood samples one or two times a year.

 Please note: Medications are not prescribed at the first appointment.

Our team

  • Karin Selva, M.D. 
  • Maya Hunter, M.D.
  • Laura Edwards-Leeper, Ph.D.
  • Connie Earnest-Ritchey, R.N.
  • Becky Marks, R.N.
  • Katie Hancock, M.A.
  • Neola Young
  • Chris Hamman, LCSW


Our locations

  • Cornell Medical Plaza
    1960 N.W. 167th Place, Suite 103
    Beaverton, OR 97006

  • Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
    501 N. Graham St., Suite 375
    Portland, OR 97227

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