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Healing by Design

Healing by design

When it comes to your newborn everything is important, so we've taken into consideration every detail of their care and environment.

Our NICUs rank among the nation's and even the world's best, according to the Vermont-Oxford Network, an international database of clinical information collected from more than 800 NICUs. Our NICUs have some of the highest survival rates and best outcomes for infants with chronic lung disease and babies deprived of oxygen at birth.

Healing environment

Environment matters--for years we've known that, now we have the research to back it up. That's why we've purposefully designed our NICU to promote faster healing and health recovery for your newborn. Our environmental design elements include:

  • Single, private family rooms designed for single babies, twins and multiples.
  • A sleeping couch in a newborn's room so parents have a comfortable place to stay 24/7.
  • Special crib technology to control the environment (lights, temperature, acoustics and humidity) specific to your baby's needs and to simulate the womb.
  • Smaller in-room windows to shield newborns from light that may over-stimulate them.

Peacefully monitored nursery

Lights and noise from medical equipment create stress and over-stimulate newborns who should still be in the womb. A stressed baby will use up more of their precious reserves including calories and oxygen. In addition, their brain is still developing (at the fastest rate of their whole lives), and stress can cause complications. That's why our goal is to keep your newborn's surroundings as calm as possible.

Thanks to the latest in "quiet" technology we've carefully constructed a peaceful nursery environment for your baby. We specifically designed our NICU to shield newborns from stressful excess noise like overhead pages, and medical equipment sounds--even our nurses use pagers to communicate quietly. Within this calming space your newborn is constantly monitored and watched over by our team members:

  • Central heart monitors mean every staff member can see what's happening with every baby.
  • Every nurse has wireless connections on their phones to their babies' monitors, so they may be notified of a change when they're with another baby.