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Admission process

Our admission coordinator will assist in arranging pre-admission assessment and assist in the admission process. They will coordinate with insurance to obtain approval for rehabilitation. We attempt to work with all insurances. 

Contact 503-413-2738 or email

Your child's improvement or stabilization - as well as a determined need for rehabilitation - means that your child will transition from acute or critical care to one of our rooms on the 8th floor. In some cases, patients are admitted from home. 

Discharge process

Each child has individual needs and we tailor our program to meet those needs including how long they would best be served in our program. We also understand that you and other caregivers are the experts in your child, and we work towards keeping that status, even when your child's circumstances have changed. Our team assists with finding resources at discharge, within Legacy Health, with referring facilities, or closer to home when the child is ready to move to the next phase in their recovery. 

Follow-up care

After discharge from the pediatric rehabilitation unit, your child will continue to need support from family, other caregivers, school, friends and medical providers. Most patients continue to need one of more therapies on an outpatient basis, and referral to an appropriate provider will be made based on your child's needs as discharge approaches. Before discharge, you will receive information from members of the rehab team about how to continue to support your child's recovery, including instructions about what activities are safe, how to administer any medications, and about any follow-up medical and outpatient therapy appointments that may be scheduled. 

In most cases, your child's physiatrist will have a follow-up visit within 4-6 weeks after discharge, or, if available, a referral will be made to a physiatrist closer to your home. In addition, a visit with your child's primary care physician should be arranged to ensure continuity of care after your child's inpatient rehab stay. Follow-up visits to other medical providers who have been or will need to be involved un your child's care may also be part of the discharge plan.