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Safety Programs

Our award-winning injury prevention programs, along with additional resources listed here, are focused on keeping your family safe and sound. And, in case of the unexpected, we have urgent care and an ER just for kids.


Bike Safety with Helmet Fittings

Safety at home

Burn prevention
The Legacy Oregon Burn Center sends teams throughout the Northwest to teach parents and school-age children about the risk of burn injuries. We also have a program to help recovering pediatric burn patients re-enter the school system. Call 503-413-2398. 

A child-safe home
Is your home a safe place for children to live and play? Here's help to make sure.

Safe sleep for infants
Having a baby is a wonderful adventure. However, too many babies die each year due to unsafe sleep. This is the leading cause of preventable death in infants under the age of one. What can you do to reduce that risk?

  • Always place babies to sleep on their backs - every time they sleep - even for naps.
  • Do not allow smoking near a baby.
  • Place babies to sleep in a crib, bassinet or other safety-approved product. Adult beds and couches are not safe for babies to sleep on.
  • Use a firm crib mattress. Do not add pillows, blankets or bumpers to the crib.

    Learn more about safe sleep here

Crib safety standards
Read the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's safety standards for cribs:

Crying babies and shaken baby prevention

Baby won't stop crying? Do you know about the period of PURPLE crying? Learn practical tips on soothing your baby, information on sleep habits, crying and colic, as well as advice just for dads, family and friends at the Period of PURPLE Crying website. Visit for more information on the national shaken baby prevention program.

Click your knitting needles together to prevent child abuse!

Poison prevention

Every 13 seconds, U.S. poison centers get a call — and half the time it's about a child under the age of 5. For all poison emergencies, call 1-800-222-1222

The Safety Center

The Randall Children's Hospital Safety Center, in the lobby of Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, is a fun and innovative facility. Designed to resemble a typical home, it offers hands-on practice and one-on-one education to show you how to protect curious children.

Window Safety
Window falls are predictable...and preventable. We can help you prevent child window falls and explain what kind of window stop, lock or guard is needed for your particular windows. 

Safety at play

Bike/sports helmet sales and fittings
Each year, Legacy Health provides more than 5,000 helmets for children and adults who bike, skateboard or snowboard, at low or no cost, based on need. We also hold regular helmet clinics where we sell helmets, adjust the fit and demonstrate how to wear them properly. Legacy is able to offer free and reduced price safety helmets thanks to generous philanthropic support from the community. 

Water safety
Beaches, boats and water sports — what could be more fun for children of all ages? But it's up to us to make sure the fun is safe.

  • Visit the American Red Cross for safety tips, swimming classes and water safety products. 

Safety anywhere, anytime

When your child has an accident or sudden illness, do you call the pediatrician, dial 911 or head straight to the nearest emergency room? Most parents haven't thought this through in advance — but they should. Learn when to take your child to the emergency room.

When you're away

Leave your babysitter these important documents:

Learn CPR and AED
Legacy offers a course for lay rescuers who might be responsible for providing CPR during the critical minutes before professional help arrives. You will learn adult, child and infant CPR, automated external defibrillator (AED) operation, relief of airway obstruction, and how to recognize medical emergencies.