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Sleep Services

Randall Children’s Hospital provides specialized care for children and young adults experiencing a variety of sleep issues.

What we offer

Our sleep medicine clinic is led by a pediatric neurologist who is trained as a pediatric sleep specialist, and works in close collaboration with experts in pediatric pulmonology, psychiatry and otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat). We offer evaluation and treatment for children with a variety of sleep issues, including:
• Sleep-related breathing disorders (including sleep apnea)
• Restless leg syndrome
• Insomnia (difficulty falling or staying asleep)
• Narcolepsy
• Circadian rhythm disorder (irregular and disruptive sleep schedules)
• Parasomnia (nightmares, sleep terrors, sleep talking and sleep walking)
• Other sleep issues

Our Approach

To evaluate and treat the many factors that can affect sleep, every child receives an initial evaluation in our sleep medicine clinic. This includes a sleep-focused history, a physical and neurological examination, as well as a review of records, which may include sleep questionnaires and diaries. Once areas of sleep difficulty are identified, we may recommend additional testing, such as a polysomnography study (overnight sleep study). Using this data, we can develop comprehensive treatment and management plans.

A focus on children

Children and families are at the center of all we do. We consider patients and families to be a central part of the care team and involve families in every step of our diagnosis and treatment. All of our doctors, nurses and sleep technologists specialize in working with children, and our comfortable, welcoming environment is designed to help put young patients at ease.

Our providers

For additional information about scheduling a sleep study, please call 503-413-3600