Every breath counts 

You care deeply about your child’s health. Some symptoms are simply bothersome, but if your child has trouble breathing that can mean a whole other level of concern and stress. The lung (pulmonary) specialists of Randall Children’s Hospital understand your concerns, and we provide the care, diagnosis and treatment plans designed to help your child live their best, most active life. 

Our family-first approach focuses on the wellbeing of children and the people who care for them. Randall Children's Pulmonology provides specialty care in a clinic setting. 

Our services 

We provide care plans for a wide range of childhood lung disorders: 

  • Asthma, including difficult-to-control asthma  
  • Symptoms related to exercise  
  • Chronic lung disease of infancy  
  • Mechanical ventilation in the home environment  
  • Lung injury from swallowing disorders and aspiration  
  • Recurrent pneumonia  
  • Noisy breathing  

We also offer pulmonary function testing, which includes:  

  • Spirometry for preschoolers - a spirometer which is a small machine that the child breathes into to measure airflow into and out of the lungs.  
  • Exercise studies  
  • Methacholine challenge - a painless and safe breathing test that helps the doctor decide if your child has asthma or exercise induced asthma (EIA).  

Our office can perform simple lung function testing on children beginning at age 4. Additionally, our hospital lung function lab can perform a full range of testing. 

Our care team  

Our specialists are trained and experienced in helping children and young adults find relief from lung-related conditions. We can usually see new patients within 3-5 working days. 

Our location

Randall Children's Pulmonology 
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Medical Office Building 2
501 N. Graham Street, Suite 330 A
Portland OR 97227 
Phone: 503-413-2050 
Fax: 503-413-2026 

Please read this before making an appointment. 

Outreach locations

We have outreach clinic locations in Salem and Bend. Not all of our physicians work at these clinics. Please call 503-413-2050 to see if one of these clinics would work for you. 

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