What you want, when you want

We at PediNet appreciate the outlying facilities and want to bring the best education opportunities to you. This was never more evident than during the Pediatric Surge of 2022-2023. Our transport team saw your needs and we at Randall heard your cry for help. We understand the barriers you face when taking care of Neonatal and Pediatric Education. We want your community to be our community. We depend on your care for every pediatric patient who walks through your doors.

As we rebuild PediNet after Covid, we want to rebuild our outreach program. In addition to the conferences and courses listed in our calendar, we travel throughout the region to provide education as well. Many of our certification courses or classes can be held at your location. We can also create a customized experience that specifically addresses the pediatric and neonatal educational needs of your health care providers. Our goal is to offer professional development programs that give attendees of all provider levels a richly educational experience at an affordable price point.

Remember, we are all in this together.