School Programs

TNTT School Programs

Injuries are what kill and maim children. A trauma nurse, medic, emergency medical technician or physician presents injury causation and prevention information that is age-appropriate for the audience. TNTT School programs are available in 48 locations in Oregon, as well as throughout the United States.

The information presented within these programs help reduce unnecessary injury and death by teaching young people how to avoid or to control the risk in their lives. Legacy's Trauma Nurses Talk Tough (TNTT) program presents more than 450 school presentations each year for children ages five to 18. Choose from the programs listed below.

Family Driver Education

This program presentation is offered to school driver's education teachers to serve at Parent Night to meet the ODOT requirement of parent involvement. A modified, classroom presentation, School Driver Education, is also available.

TNTT talks to teenagers about substance abuse

This program is designed for teenagers and uses facts, figures and a fairly graphic slide presentation to demonstrate the effects of unsafe driving behavior, plus underage alcohol and other drug use.

TNTT talks to kids about traffic safety

Designed for children in kindergarten through seventh grades and their parents, this program focuses on bicycle and auto safety.