Safety & Injury Prevention Education

Court-Ordered Classes

Court-Ordered Classes

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High-Risk Driver course

Designed to educate drivers to the potential and very real consequences of "high-risk" driving behaviors.

Minor in Possession course

The class includes education about the science supporting a legal drinking age of 21, and the consequences of making bad choices while under the influence, furnishing alcohol to a minor or service industry non-compliance citations.

Seatbelts, Distracted Driving and More

Seatbelts, Distracted Driving and More focuses on the importance of safety belt use, the risks of distracted driving and child passenger safety.

Share the Road Safety class

The 'Share the Road' safety class focuses on why following traffic laws is essential for protecting human life.

Young Driver Improvement course

The Young Driver Improvement course is a court remanded program that focuses on how following traffic laws are important for protecting human life.

Victim Impact Panel

The Victim Impact Panel is a court remanded program that focuses directly on the social, emotional, financial and physical consequences of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

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