Just as important as treating your child’s cancer is helping your child maintain the highest possible quality of life. Whether your child is receiving ongoing maintenance treatment, is in remission or has beaten cancer, we celebrate their bravery and offer services for continued physical and emotional support. 

Support for Cancer Survivors 

We have many support resources for our patients and their families. 

Our KITE program (Knowledge and Inspiration After Treatment Ends) focuses on nutrition, physical and mental health, education and other important areas for children and families who have been off cancer therapy for at least two years.

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In addition to KITE, we have the Pediatric Cancer Genetics Clinic. This multidisciplinary clinic helps evaluate children for inherited forms of cancer or a family history of cancer predisposition syndromes. We recommend children with a diagnosis or prior treatment for a rare childhood cancer (known as germ line mutation or has been treated for cancer and has a strong family history of cancer.) The care team includes a Pediatric Oncology, a Genetics doctor and a Genetics counselor.   


Support Services

Discover a wealth of resources to help your child at every stage of the journey following cancer treatment. 

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Our welcoming environment provides a number of activities to help children strengthen their bodies and their minds. 

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MyHealth gives you access to your child's medical records. View test results, diagnoses, medications, follow-up instructions, make an appointment and more.   

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