There’s nothing to be afraid of

Ultrasounds are safe and painless, but they can still cause a young child to worry. Our imaging specialists work with children and families on a regular basis. We speak your child’s language and take a compassionate approach to help them be less afraid. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our Randall Care team provides the best possible experience for your child and uses state-of-the-art software for enhanced images.  

How does ultrasound work? 

You probably think of ultrasound as a way to see a baby inside a mother’s womb. But it can be used for a variety of diagnostic purposes.  Using high frequency sound waves, ultrasound technology creates a picture of the inside of your child’s body. These pictures give your child's doctor information about the size, shape and texture of the body part being scanned. Ultrasounds help specialists make a thorough, timely diagnosis and, if necessary, a treatment plan for your child.  

What Can You Expect? 

Before your child’s appointment, you will receive instructions specific to the body area being scanned. Some ultrasounds are best when your child has an empty stomach; others are best with a full bladder. To make sure we get the pictures needed, follow these steps. Your child should wear loose, comfortable clothes. 

If necessary, your child may be asked to put on a gown and either sit or lay on a table during the procedure. The person taking the image will use “show and tell” to explain the gooey gel, the wand and the monitor screen. The whole process is quick. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way. The radiologist, a doctor specially trained to look at images, will then review the pictures and send the report to your child’s doctor. 

Before Your Appointment 

Before you arrive for your child’s ultrasound, it’s best to give them a short explanation of the test using words they understand.  Let your child know that ultrasounds don’t hurt, you’ll be with them the whole time and they may even get to see what their “insides” look like on a TV screen.    

What Happens Next?  

The images are reviewed, and reports are sent to your doctor for review within 24 hours. It may take up to a week to be shared with you by your provider.  

Scheduling Imaging  

Please call to select the site convenient for you or that has the services your child needs. 

Oregon: 503-413-7800  
Washington: 360-487-1800  

Get Connected & Stay Informed   

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