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Building a Bitrex Substitute

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Fit Testing SolutionAt the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandeminc in 2020, the Legacy supply chain was running short on N95 mask fit-testing solution, so Legacy Research Institute (LRI) staff and scientists mobilized to create in-house produced fit-testing solution. In April 2020, LRI delivered the first full-strength batch of its in-house produced fit-testing solution to Health Education Specialist Bridget Abshear, CHES, at Employee Health at Emanuel. So far LRI has supplied 40 bottles of 100 mL Bitrex fit testing solution, 8 bottles of 250 mL of Bitrex threshold solution, 2 bottles of 100 mL of saccharin fit testing solution, and 8 bottles of 250 mL saccharin threshold solution, plus a small bag of Hershey Kisses to cut the bitter flavor of Bitrex! Bridget Abshear from Employee Health

Employee Health report that both solutions are potent and work well! The solutions will be used at all Legacy Hospitals due to a shortage of commercially available fit-testing solution and the supply should meet Employee Health’s requirements for 1 year of fit testing. LRI currently has enough supplies to make additional fit testing solution if needed as well.

We would like to credit Mitch Tracy, President of Market Actives, LLC, and Kristin Cordz, Vice President of Business Development at Market Actives, for donating the food grade Bitrex that we used to make the solution.

John Ost pouring the solutionOther recognitions: Joe Frascella for innovating flexible team organization to meet Legacy’s needs, John Ost for leading the team, Ike Duran for facilitating communication between LRI and other Legacy departments and identifying priorities, Employee Health for specifying their needs, everyone in the supply chain for a rapid response in establishing Market Actives as a vendor and expediting orders, Joanne Couchman for finding an effective platform for team communication, Melissa Dang and Landen Weltha for general organization, project oversight and supply sourcing, and everyone else on the team (Danielle Osborne, Taylor Sund, John Cook) for rising to the occasion.

Pictured right: Bridget Abshear from Employee Health with a pair of the bottles.

Pictured left: John Ost pouring the solution.