Medical cross icon Nondiscrimintation & Accessibility
Every patient deserves the same level of care. Learn more about how we do this. 
Helping hand icon Support for Disabled Patients
Disabled patients have the right to designate support persons for Oregon Hospitals.
Clipboard icon Genetic Research
With your permission only, we may use your blood, urine or other samples anonymously for medical research.
Important icon Privacy
We take patient privacy very seriously. Learn about how we protect your health information. 
Communication icon Answering Personal Questions
Care team members may ask about your race, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Answers assist our care but are not required.
Contact Us
Do you have questions or concerns about your care? Find out the ways you can reach us.
Professional growth
Your Rights & Responsibilities
Here is a guide to your rights and responsibilities, as well as ways you can help with your care, FAQ and how to contact us.
Notice for Medicare Patients
You have rights about the care you will receive, leaving the hospital, and what may happen after the hospital.