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Community Health Grants

Community Health Grants (CHGs) support programs and activities that address identified community health needs, and provide treatment or promote health and healing in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Purpose of Community Health Grants

Funding is awarded to organizations serving historically underserved communities with the intent to impact health disparities and inequities.

Community Health Grants fund organizations whose work ties to our Community Health Improvement Plans.

The purpose of grant funding is to align with our Community Health Improvement Plan priorities and is always focused on supporting programs and initiatives that advance health equity.

Funding Priorities

FY21 Community Health Grants to organizations serving Marion county:

  • Behavioral health
  • Housing services
  • COVID education and response

FY20 Community Health Grants to organizations serving the Portland metro area:

  • Social determinants of health
  • Health equity
  • Early childhood education and meaningful employment

Apply for a Community Health Grant

Requests for grant proposals to resource our most recent Community Health Improvement Plans in the Portland metro area will be sent by invite-only in spring 2022. Please contact with questions and inquiries.