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Quality Corner: 2021 Clinical Integration Program Results

We are pleased to share the results of the 2021 Clinical Integration program and thank all providers and practices who commit to caring for our patients and making an impact on improving health.  Incentives earned based on LHP’s performance measures will be distributed to practices later this fall. Read the full story to learn more about our  2021 calendar year achievements.

Provider Learning Modules now available in E+

As a reminder, providers and practice administrators can complete their 10-minute Clinical Integration Education in E+ by September 30th to earn full points toward their clinical integration score and to be eligible for incentive payouts.

Providers can also earn points toward their clinical integration score by viewing at least one provider learning module from our growing list of topics in E+ by December 31st. Each module provides detailed information from subject matter experts on a wide range of clinically relevant topics. Click here to see a complete list of modules to choose from.


Sponsored Cascade States Medical Association memberships advance DEI: Open for applications

The Cascade State Medical Association (CSMA) is a recently formed chapter of the National Medical Association (NMA), the largest and oldest organization of African American physicians in the United States. Legacy and other healthcare organizations in the region will sponsor CSMA memberships to support physicians and providers of color. This is another way we will address disparities faced by members of historically marginalized communities.

We have committed to sponsor 25 memberships to CSMA for three years. The memberships will be distributed across Legacy Health Partners and Legacy medical staffs.

Please complete an application before July 1 if you are interested in a sponsored membership with CSMA. If there are more than 25 applicants, we will choose members from the applicant pool at random.

Expanding Medicare Advantage offerings with Devoted Health

After several months of development and final approvals from our Finance and Contracting Committee and board, we are happy to announce a new payor to our network. Devoted Health's Medicare Advantage product becomes available on January 1, 2023. We are eager to share more with you ahead of open enrollment this fall and the 2023 product launch.

Your outreach advisor will be in touch with more on Devoted Health and all LHP contracts in the coming months. In the meantime, please view the recorded practice administrator session held on May 25 for additional details.


  • Providers and administrators can view 2022 performance data on their Clinical Integration Dashboard. Measures will continue to populate as data is available and performance targets will be included once they are approved by the LHP Board of Managers this summer. Tip sheets are on our Team Site to help you access the reports that are available to you.
  • Practice administrators can complete their responses for membership requirements and practice-level citizenship measures in this year’s attestation form (also linked on your LHP dashboard) any time before September 30. LHP made improvements to the attestation form this year so you do not need to login separately to submit your responses and only questions that are relevant to you and your practice will display. If you have questions, please contact your outreach advisor.