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Legacy Hospice Pet Pals Program
Keeping patients and pets side by side

The unconditional love and companionship pets offer are priceless medicine for both patients and families dealing with a life-limiting illness. Through the Legacy Hospice Pet Pals Program, supported by Good Samaritan Foundation, we help pets and their families stay together by providing financial assistance and specially trained volunteers to help hospice patients with their pet care needs.

Whether they are furry, feathered or finned, the Legacy Hospice Pet Pals Program provides assistance to ease the patient’s and family’s concerns regarding the needs of their beloved pet(s).

“We had a single mom who’s 9-year-old son had a terminal diagnosis due to a rare form of bone cancer, and his yellow lab Dusty was his best friend and stuck by his side until he passed away. The mom was overwhelmed and was worried they would have to find a new home for Dusty, but the Pet Pals program paid for food, vet bills and helped with dog walking so mom could handle having the dog on top of everything she was doing for her son. She said that Dusty could make her son smile up until the very end of his life and that she would be forever grateful we were able to help them keep him.  The pet pals program serves both adults and kids, but it’s a wonderful way to keep families whole during a really difficult time.” – Hospice staff

How you can help:

  • Donate: You can help keep pets and their owners together by making a gift to the Legacy Hospice Pet Pals Program. Click this link or send a check payable to Good Samaritan Foundation with Pet Pals Program in the memo line to Good Samaritan Foundation, P.O. Box 4500 Unit 96, Portland, OR 97208-4500.
  • Be a “Pet Pal”: To volunteer for the Legacy Hospice Pet Pals Program, please contact the volunteer coordinator: 503-220-1000

For additional information, please contact Franklin Alegria, Philanthropy & Community Engagement, at (503) 413-7214 or


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