Our Muses of Well Being

        —for the Nurses at Good Samaritan


When forlorn I creep into the hospital, you offer

hospitality. Inside this labyrinth of transformation,

you make me feel at home. With my clothes, wallet,

and ring, I shed my fear, for you dress me in your own

sky blue, then offer me a crown of lace, as from above

each mask you pour your alert and gentle gaze.


Through all my episodes of preparation, sleep, and waking,

you are Ellen, then Gina, and then Julia—but your intent

is one: they who cut have skill, you who heal have one hand

for medicine, another for kindness, as like mothers you help

me rise from bed restored, and learn to walk again. I say guard

your spirits, sturdy angels, and blessings on you, every one.


      —with gratitude, Kim Stafford
      Grateful patient, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

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