Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Providing exceptional care for critically ill and premature infants. 

Providing exceptional care for critically ill and premature infants.

With outcomes and survival rates among the best in the country, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Randall Children's Hospital's highly trained staff cares for infants born up to 16 weeks early to 28 days old; they even care for babies weighing under a pound. Designated as a Level IV NICU, Randall Children’s Hospital provides the highest level NICU care available in the state.


All care is evidence-based, designed and continually updated according to national and international best practices, and represents the leading edge of knowledge on how to best care for fragile newborns.

Family-Integrated Care

We are creating a Family-Integrated Care environment that encourages families to take responsibility early on for their infant’s care: 

  • Developing 10+ Family-Integrated Care rooms to support families in a home-like setting. While the expert NICU staff is just a call away, families will assume responsibility for caring for their baby, just as they will when they leave the hospital.
  • Expanding the highly successful family liaison position from part-time to full-time. A former NICU parent with special training will work with families to provide education and resources during a challenging time.
  • Creating four transitional rooms to evaluate a newborn’s health and stability immediately following delivery.
  • Providing support to families experiencing the stress of caring for fragile newborns. We have a psychologist who helps parents make sense of their experience and support them through their transition home.
  • Conducting a NICU sound and environmental evaluation to ensure newborns and their families receive care in the most protective environment.
  • Expanding the NICU’s research program to evaluate new medical interventions and their effect on patient outcomes, with the goal of helping even more babies grow and flourish.

We need your support

Please join us in giving these fragile babies and their families the best possible start to their future. Your donation will help families achieve even better outcomes, both while they are in the NICU and as they transition home.

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