Learn about hospital admission.

Checking in

When you check in, we’ll help you with your admission paperwork and review your financial matters. Nurses are also on hand to help answer your questions — just ask.

What to bring

  • Personal items (robe and slippers, toiletries, small amount of cash)    
  • Your health plan card    
  • Medications your doctor told you to bring and a list of all those you take  

What not to bring

  • Valuables (purse, wallet, credit cards) –– If you do bring valuables, let us know so we can store them in our safe. 
  • Electric appliances with cords (battery-operated electronics and cell phone chargers are OK)    

Review before you arrive

When you come to stay in a Legacy hospital, you’ll be given this information about your bill, asking questions and your rights.

Conditions of Patient Registration

We will give you this form to sign that lets your doctor and hospital staff care for you. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign. Family members can sign if you are not able.   

Advance Directive

An Advance Directive makes your preference for treatment known or allows someone to speak for you if you are ever left without the ability to express your wishes. If you want an Advance Directive, fill one out before you reach the hospital. Learn more.