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World Center for Research

Legacy Devers Eye Institute is making great strides toward reducing and eliminating eye disease and is known internationally for its research programs. Visiting scientists and fellows from around the world, including England, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, China, Germany and South Africa, visit Legacy Devers to draw on our research expertise. Legacy Devers is a private, nonprofit clinical and research eye institute — one of only a handful in the United States.

Devers Eye Institute celebrates 60 years 

Legacy Devers Eye Institute celebrates 60 years of bringing innovation, education, research and caring to our community. Hear from past and present providers and patients on the impact Devers Eye Institute has had over the decades.






Dr. Richard Chenoweth tribute

A tribute to Dr. Richard Chenoweth, the importance of his work and how he has paved the way for the Devers we know today.





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