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Healthy food, healthy living

Eating healthy is one of the most important things you can do to protect your body and achieve good, overall well-being. Eating nutrient rich foods has many advantages — and not simply in terms of achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.

That’s because eating a healthy diet affects every part of the body and its health, from the brains to the bones. A proper, healthy diet, for example, can help lower the risk of getting chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, even cancer. But it can also improve other aspects that should not be overlooked, including brain health, digestion, moods and sleep. The benefits of healthy eating are many and varied. 

Benefits of healthy eating:

  • May help you live longer
  • Helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Improves sleep quality, mood and energy levels
  • Keeps skin and eyes healthy
  • Supports muscles
  • Increases immunity
  • Boosts brain health
  • Strengthens teeth and bones
  • Lowers risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • Improves digestion

Below are healthy recipes and resources to help you eat — and live — better.

Healthy Recipes: Cooking for Good Health

Take a look at the following recipes and cooking demonstrations by our food and nutrition experts. These recipes are delicious but also simple to cook in the kitchen.

Quinoa Whole Grain Salad

Quinoa Whole Grain Salad Recipe

Amaranth Fritters

Amaranth Fritters Recipe

Millet Stuffed Peppers

Millet Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Egg Bites

Egg Bites Recipe

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats Recipe

Tomato Stuffed with Salmon Dill Salad

Tomato Stuffed with Salmon-Dill Salad Recipe

Healthy Eating Resources

In addition to recipes, the following general nutrition tips and resources can help support you in making lifestyle changes and improve your health using nutrition.

Tips for Meal Planning and Prepping
Three Tips for Heart Healthy Nutrition
Benefits of Whole Grains