Legacy Physical Therapy–Hawthorn Farm

Praise from our Patients
"The relationship between patient and therapist made my therapy visits very enjoyable. I would highly recommend Legacy Health to a friend."

This location combines the expertise of Legacy orthopedic/sports physical therapists with the first rate facilities at Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club. The result is physical therapy in a convenient, luxurious environment of health and vitality.

Our clinic is renowned for its advanced practices, exceptional patient care, and outstanding results. We have earned a reputation among referring physicians and patients alike for providing effective, individualized therapy. Our highly skilled therapists and our ongoing commitment to excellence set us apart from other clinics in the area.

What to expect:

  • Our highly trained and experienced therapists, including specialists in a wide range of therapeutic disciplines, ensure that your particular concerns are addressed by an expert.
  • You will be seen by a licensed therapist, not an aide, who will care for you from admission to discharge.
  • We will work closely with you and your doctor to provide a unique and personalized course of therapy that is effective and cost efficient.
  • We use the latest scientific evidence-based practices and the most up-to-date techniques in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Our care exceeds national outcomes in decreasing pain and increasing function in the fewest number of visits.

Health Plan Coverage:

We accept most insurance plans. We provide assistance with insurance verification and authorization.


Physical therapy services are available to Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club members as well as non-members. Under the supervision of your therapists, you have the full use of the facility. 

Physical Therapy


Eric Quon MSPT, ATC, CGFI and Karen Saveride DPT bring extensive training and experience to their physical therapy practice. Eric is Level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through the Titlest Performance Institute and is an avid golfer. Karen has advanced training in manual therapy and enjoys running, biking and triathlon events.

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