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Legacy Tumor Bank

Tumor Bank

Improving care for cancer patients requires research into the molecular mechanisms of cancer cells, and to investigate these mechanisms fresh tumor specimens are required. Legacy has established a tumor bank to make such specimens available to cancer researchers here and across the country.

The Legacy Tumor Bank stores human tissue samples from cancer patients to be used in research studies aimed at finding a cure for cancer. In April 2006, the Tumor Bank received its first donation, a colon cancer; it now has a disease-specific collection of over 8,000 snap frozen solid tumor specimens of all types, with one third being breast cancer tissue. The biorepository continues to collect several hundred unique specimens annually. 

Legacy patients recognize the importance of this work. As one donor said "[This] is an opportunity for a part of me to have a connection with helping you find treatment or a cure for breast cancer. My most heartfelt wish is that no other woman must face the loss of a breast due to cancer."

Video: Donating Your Tissue for Research - The National Cancer Institute 

Frequently asked questions: For Patients
Frequently asked questions: For Researchers

For more information contact Carmen Rusinaru, Tumor Bank Supervisor, 503-413-5421

Support the Tumor Bank:

Make a tax-deductible one-time or recurring gift to the Legacy Tumor Bank in memory of your loved one

  • Click the above link.
  • Select how much you wish to donate or enter a custom amount.
  • Make sure "Legacy Research Institute" is showing in the drop down box and click 'Add donation'.
  • Select if this is to be a one-time or recurring gift.
  • Enter "Tumor Bank" in the comments box, as well as any other information.
  • Complete the 'This gift is in honor/memory of' section if your gift is in honor of a loved one.

Nathalie Johnson, MD

"As a surgeon who cares for patients with cancer, I feel it is my responsibility to assist in supporting cancer research through the procurement of tumors to the Legacy Tumor Bank."

-Dr. Nathalie Johnson, Director, Legacy Cancer Institute