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Body Donation Program

Honoring your loved one.  An invaluable gift at the time of death.

For more information:
To donate, call 503-783-3387 (available 24/7) or email. (Please include a contact telephone number in your email to us)

Fax: 503-783-1736

Facing the death of a loved one raises a range of questions.  From practical concerns to philosophical issues, you have much to consider.  For many people, the option of body donation at death offers a way to honor your loved one.  It allows you to give a priceless gift that helps the community.

Donating a body for medical education is an alternative to burial or cremation that can sometimes ease the financial issues of a loved one's death.  It is a privilege and an honor that we hold in the highest regard.

Advancing medical knowledge

After a family member passes, it is often difficult to understand your options.  Many families like yours chose to help advance medicine through the Legacy Body Donation Program.

A donated body is used for training doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals with new medical procedures and technologies.  They learn techniques that improve care, speed recover, and save lives.  With the help of surgeons who have trained with us, we have been able to develop life-saving techniques.  You can have peace of mind donating to the Legacy Body Donation Program as we maintain the highest ethical standards.  It is a gift that gives for generations.

Our program

We have made donating to medical education easy.  Please use the contact information to reach us any time and we will do all the work for you.  We will transport your loved one from the location you specify, keeping all of your and your loved one's personal information strictly confidential.  We are always here to assist in any way possible with your arrangements.

What it means to you:

  • We take care of transporting the body.
  • We cover all costs of cremation.
  • We return all of the cremated remains to the family.
  • We can assist with any paperwork.
  • We can help with obtaining certified dealth certificates upon request.

You make a difference in the health of everyone

You can take solace in knowing that you are the reason we are making a difference.  We are able to test new tools, ideas and procedures that result in changing the lives of countless people.  We can only make these improvements because of the generosity of families such as yours, who believe in the value of medical education and innovation and the desire to improve patient safety and treatment.