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   A partnership for the future of health

Legacy Health Partners (LHP) is a partnership of independent private practice physicians, Legacy Health and Legacy Medical Group. It is a physician-led, clinically integrated network that uses information technology and data integration to help providers improve population health. It is also a future partner for payors and employers using payment methodologies that reward value.

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Why Join Legacy Health Partners?

Improve Health Outcomes & Reserve Resources
The performance measures included in the Clinical Integration program focus on improving health outcomes, being good stewards of health care resources, and further engaging a variety of specialties through provider, practice and network measures that help improve patient and population health. LHP members can learn about the measures in the Performance Measures section of the LHP team site. 
Measure Success With Advanced Reporting
Legacy Health Partners members can log into Microsoft PowerBI to access dashboards, reports, and other helpful resources and tools available in the LHP Reporting Suite.

Need help? Tip sheets posted in the Data and Reporting section of the LHP team site help members log in and locate the tools that are available to you.
Innovate Through Education & Knowledge Sharing
The Clinical Integration Education and Provider Learning Modules are designed to increase providers' knowledge and improve the performance of the LHP network. Members of the network can go to the Member Education section of the LHP team site to read about the educational offerings and how to easily access them through E+, Legacy's online education system.
What makes LHP successful?
How is LHP unique?
Questions? Contact Us

Is there a membership fee to join LHP?

There is no initial membership fee required to join LHP. Members agree to participate in the clinical and data integration activities that form the foundation of the network, and to allow LHP to enter into contracts on their behalf.  


Membership requirements:

Full Members

Physicians and Independently-Practicing Advanced Practice Providers

Associate Members

Dependently-Practicing Advanced Practice Providers

Signed Participating Provider Agreement and complete membership application file

Signed Participating Provider Agreement and complete membership application file

Actively used email addresses for provider and office manager

Actively used email addresses for provider and office manager

Legacy Health medical staff membership

Minimum Clinical Integration Score

Practice Membership Requirements

Certified Electronic Health Record utilization for network practices of all specialties

Medical Home recognition for primary care practices

The benefits of LHP membership

  • Access to new patient populations
  • Performance measure dashboards
  • Clinical collaboration tools and forums
  • Opportunities for financial incentives
  • Dedicated field operations advisers
  • Population health services
  • Patient education and outreach
  • Clinical and administrative support services
  • Member-exclusive team site
  • Provider and practice directories
  • Online and in-person education
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Leadership opportunities on board and committees
  • MACRA and medical home support
  • Access to Legacy Epic for Affiliated Providers (LEAP)

What makes LHP successful?

  • The collective commitment by providers to enhancing performance on a set of meaningful performance measures.
  • An operational infrastructure to help providers be successful. This support includes staff, provider-led governance, data and technology, and in-clinic consultation.
  • The ability to negotiate favorable performance-based contracts that recognize the value of better health across a population.

How is LHP unique? 

  • Provider-led: All LHP programs are developed by a diverse and representative group of providers.
  • Provider support: The network is supported by data analytics, field operations advisers, population health services, and clinical and administrative resources.
  • Proven performance: LHP providers are improving performance on health care metrics that matter: cancer screenings, well-child visits, reduced hospital stays and increased generic prescribing.
  • Financial stability and growth: LHP can take advantage of existing and pending contracts with payors and employers, and negotiate with new payors on behalf of the network.
  • Practice growth: LHP offers physicians access to a wide geographic reach of patients and new referrals from network providers.
  • Backed by Legacy: LHP leverages Legacy’s existing record of quality and efficiency, information technology services and dedicated staffing. 

Questions? Contact us

For questions about LHP and membership requirements and procedures, email Legacy Health Partners or call 503-415-5109.

To learn more about joining the Legacy Health medical staff, contact Amanda Walker at 503-525-7673.

Ready to join Legacy Health Partners?