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Committees and staff

Quality and Membership

The Quality and Membership Committee oversees the design and implementation of the clinical integration, quality improvement and patient safety programs. The committee reviews the overall performance of these programs as well as individual members; develops membership requirements; and monitors the activities of management concerning credentialing and maintenance of membership requirements and the success of these programs.

Chair: Joseph Frankhouse, M.D., LMG – Gastrointestinal Surgery
Vice Chair: Greg Hallas, M.D., The Vancouver Clinic

  • Garth Barbee, M.D., Northwest Acute Care Specialists
  • Deb Bartel, Portland Diabetes and Endocrinology Center
  • Bryce Bederka, M.D., LMG Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • Jennifer Byrne, D.O., Columbia View Family Center
  • Michelle Collier, M.D., Columbia Anesthesia Group
  • Sharon Crowell, M.D., The Vancouver Clinic
  • Teresa Dooling, The Oregon Clinic - Portland Dermatology
  • Lori Farrell, M.D., LMG - Northeast 
  • Jordan Fry, Southwest Family Physicians
  • R.J. Gillespie, M.D., The Children’s Clinic
  • Marjorie Hrbek, M.D., The Vancouver Clinic
  • Charles Hu, M.D., Legacy Inpatient Medicine Service – Mount Hood Medical Center
  • Michael Kaempf, M.D., The Urology Clinic 
  • Sandra Lewis, M.D., Northwest Cardiovascular Institute 
  • Michelle Sang, M.D., LMG – Portland OBGYN
  • Greg Saunders, M.D., LMG – Camas
  • Michael Straiko, M.D., Devers Eye Institute – Cornea Service
  • Daniel Tseng, M.D.,Northwest Minimally Invasive Surgery

 Staff liaison: Jenny Robinson, Executive Director, email or 503-413-5894

Finance and Contracting

The Finance and Contracting Committee oversees the design and implementation of managed care contracting and assists in organizational financial planning and monitoring. The committee also develops the incentive fund distribution methodology and administers the disbursement of funds through the member financial model.

Chair: Mal McAnich, M.D., AIM Health
Vice Chair: Damon Warhus, M.D., Women's Healthcare Associates

  • Stephanie Bennett, FNP, LMG - Family Wellness
  • Michael Booker, M.D., Family Medical Group
  • James Borden, M.D., LMG – Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
  • David Delman, M.D., LMG - Neurology
  • Ronald Hapke, M.D., NW Gastroenterology Clinic
  • Kelsey Hupp, F.N.P, Silver Creek Family Medicine
  • Brian Kelly, Women's Healthcare Associates
  • Linda Kennedy, Pacific Medical Group
  • Qian Liya Leng, M.D., Legacy Inpatient Medicine Service
  • Mark Mantei, The Vancouver Clinic
  • Michael Mazzotta, M.D., Broadway Medical Clinic
  • Natasha Pereira, M.D., The Children's Clinic
  • Daniel Root, M.D., Oregon Sleep Associates
  • Deborah Rumsey, Children’s Health Alliance 
  • Blayne Standage, M.D., LMG – General Surgery
  • Anthony Wei, M.D., Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery
  • Brett Williams, EyeHealth Northwest
  • Sian Williams, Oregon Anesthesiology Group

 Staff liaison: Lindsey Wright, Accountable Care Consulatant, email or 503-413-5570

Clinical Collaboration & Performance Improvement Committee

The Clinical Collaboration and Performance Improvement Committee oversees the areas of patient, provider and administrator user experience, clinical collaboration and performance improvement within Legacy Health Partners to support the Clinical Integration Program. 

Chair: Albert Chaffin, M.D., Pediatric Associates of the Northwest
Vice-Chair: Dan Tseng, M.D., Northwest Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Carrie Atcheson, M.D., Columbia Anesthesiology Group
  • Heather Bardfield, R.N., Broadway Medical Clinic
  • Fred Coleman, M.D., Legacy Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine 
  • Teresa Dooling, The Oregon Clinic – Portland Dermatology
  • Christa Finney, Vancouver Radiologists
  • Janis Howatt, M.D., Broadway Medical Clinic
  • Ann Hulett, EyeHealth Northwest
  • Cynthia Jacobs, Metropolitan Pediatrics
  • Tad Lowder, D.O., LMG – Camas
  • Christian Molstrom, M.D., Legacy-GoHealth
  • Kristen Thomas., M.D., LMG Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • Holly Tse, M.D., LMG - Medical Home
  • Paul Tseng, M.D., LMG - Gynecologic Oncology
  • Charles Wood, M.D., Broadway Medical Clinic

 Staff liaison, Amanda Scott, clinical integration consultant, email or 503-413-5580

Legacy Health Partners Staff
  • Nikolaus Kashey, M.D., medical director, email or (503) 413-5579
  • Jenny Robinson, executive director, email or 503-413-5894
  • Lindsey Wright, accountable care consultant
  • Kristin Gilmer, member relations coordinator
  • Amanda Scott, clinical integration consultant
  • Lauren Tacke, administrative assistant
  • Theresa Connors, administrative assistant


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