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January 2018

Quality Corner - What’s new in the 2018 clinical integration program

The LHP leadership team is excited to announce enhancements and changes to the 2018 LHP clinical integration (CI) program. Among them: 
• 10 new network measures, including some specific to specialty providers
• Provider-level measurement on many quality measures 
• Two new membership requirements that will strengthen the network

The LHP Board of Managers provided strategic direction early last spring to guide development of the 2018 CI Program. The board wanted this year’s program to focus on additional measures that support LHP contracts; are applicable to specialties that can have the greatest impact on cost; and that help reduce the burden of measurement for providers by aligning LHP’s measures with key initiatives from payors and national quality organizations.

The measure set for LHP’s 2018 Clinical Integration program is now available on LHP's team site. You can get familiar with this year’s quality measures and start focusing on those you are in the best position to improve.

Highlights of the 2018 CI program
LHP expanded the clinical integration program in 2018 by adding 10 network measures that focus on efficient use of health care resources, measure health outcomes and apply to more specialties:

New network measures
• Admissions (per 1,000)
• Appropriate perioperative antibiotic selection
• Appropriate testing for children with pharyngitis
• Comprehensive diabetes care: HbA1c poor control (>9.0%)
• Comprehensive diabetes care: Medical attention for nephropathy
• Controlling high blood pressure
• High-tech imaging utilization
• Inpatient communication with doctors: HCAHPS domain score
• Perioperative temperature management
• Use of imaging dtudies for low-back pain

Provider-level reporting!
Performance for nine of LHP’s existing measures will now be reported based on providers’ individual performance. Providers’ CI scores at the end of the measurement year will reflect their individual performance on these measures:

Performance measures based on providers’ individual performance
• Breast cancer screening
• Cervical cancer Screening
• Colorectal cancer screening
• Comprehensive diabetes care: Routine HbA1c
• Comprehensive ciabetes care: Eye exam
• Well-Child Visits in the first 15 months of life (six or more visits)
• Well-child visits in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth years of life
• Adolescent well-care visits (ages 12-21)
• Immunization rates up-to-date by 2 years of age

Coming soon: A performance handbook, which will include complete information about measure definitions.

New membership requirements
Two practice measures from last year’s CI Program are now requirements for membership in the LHP network:
• Primary Care practices must be certified as a Medical Home Tier 3 or higher by Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home or meet the Core Criteria for NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home by December 31, 2018 OR complete a Medical Home assessment with Legacy Partner Solutions with intention of being certified by the end of 2019.
• All practices must have a Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) or be in the process of implementing a CEHRT by the end of 2018.

Most LHP practices are already meeting these requirements. The transition from performance measures to membership requirements signals how important they are to the strength of the network.

New access standards based on 2017 survey
Last year LHP developed access standards for primary care and specialties based on the results of the Access and Engagement survey completed by more than 120 LHP practices. In 2018, practice administrators will need to attest to meeting this new practice measure.

2018 dashboards
The 2018 LHP dashboards will be available by the end of January. New on your dashboard this year: new measure categories that align with LHP’s goals and measures reported at the individual and network levels. While all the measures won’t have data displayed right away, all measures will be listed so providers can see the measures for which they will be held accountable.

CI education and learning modules coming soon
The 2018 Clinical Integration Education and this year’s set of LHP Learning Modules (five new ones have been added) will be available for you to view at the end of February. 

Welcome new LHP Board and Committee members

Since LHP’s launch in the fall of 2014, more than 100 providers – representing the diversity of providers and practice types across the LHP network – have served as members of LHP’s board and committees. Each committee has distinct areas of expertise and responsibility, and every recommendation is ultimately considered for approval by the LHP Board.

The LHP leadership team thanks those providers and practice administrators who have committed hours of time and shared their experience and knowledge in support of our clinically integrated network. For those of you who finished your terms or left the board or a committee last year, we thank you. We also trust you will continue to make your voices heard through interactions with your Field Operations Advisers or other channels we have in place to make it easy for you to share your ideas.

You can see who is representing you and guiding the work of LHP by visiting the LHP website pages for the LHP Board and the LHP Committees.

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