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2019 Clinical Integration Program approved

Stay the course and continue to improve are the themes of the 2019 clinical integration (CI) program. The Quality and Membership Committee recommended – and the LHP Board recently approved – limited measure growth in 2019 with a concentrated focus on:

• Performance monitoring and improvement
• Additional individual provider-level measurement
• Greater data connectivity

Just two new quality measures are being added next year and will be reported at the network level:

1. Statin therapy for patients with diabetes
2. Persistence of beta-blocker treatment after a heart attack

The measures approved for the 2019 CI program meet the strategic goals and criteria established by the board earlier this year, including: additional provider-level measurement, measure retirement as appropriate to ensure focus, thoughtful growth of the program, and additional efforts to support performance monitoring and improvement activities.

Two measures – elective delivery between 37 and 39 weeks and SBIRT ED substance abuse screening – are being retired in 2019 to better focus attention and resources on areas of most needed improvement, and to align with other regional programs. In 2019, LHP will also report 15 total measures at the individual level for primary care providers.


Download an overview of the 2019 CI program measures from the LHP team site.


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