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QUALITY CORNER - Tips for improving breast cancer screening rates

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, focused on increasing awareness of the disease and raising funds for research into its cause. But as those in the health care profession know, every day presents opportunities to counsel patients and provide appropriate screenings and treatment.

Since LHP has yet to meet its target for screenings, we’re developing tips for providers and education for patients. In the LHP June Hot Topic posted on the LHP team site we shared data that indicated that mammogram rates drop after age 65 even though breast cancer rates continue to increase until the age of 75. This disparity between perceived and real risk exists as patients get older.

To help providers educate patients about the importance of continued screenings, LHP is developing patient information material. We are developing a handout that highlights the importance of continuing screening even if the patient has had normal mammograms in the past and encourages patients to talk with their provider about scheduling a mammography if they are overdue. Your LHP Field Operations Adviser will deliver the handouts to your practice as soon as they are available.


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