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LHP Clinical Collaboration Guides - By providers, for providers

Through the course of the year, we have been developing a set of Clinical Collaboration Guides for the network to meet our goals of providing consistent, high-quality and efficient care. These tools represent the network’s best practices for co-management between primary care and specialty around common clinical situations. Topics are focused on areas where we have an opportunity to decrease unnecessary variation, control cost of care or improve clinical quality.

We thank the representatives from the different specialties who dedicated their time and energy to developing these clinical guidelines, as well as the members of the Clinical Collaboration and Performance Improvement Subcommittee who helped review and refine them. Their commitment to this work will help our network succeed!

As they are developed, guides are posted on the LHP team site. Final versions of the following guides are currently available:
•  Shoulder, hip, and knee imaging
•  Headache imaging and treatment
•  Dementia evaluation and imaging

The open-comment period for the “High Value labs: Testosterone and Vitamin D testing” guide recently closed and we are finalizing the content based on the feedback we received. In addition, development of other guides is ongoing. 

Guides that are in-process include:
•  Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)
•  Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

We want your input!

Each guide is announced through this newsletter and is available for a 45-day open-comment period before being finalized. Your feedback helps improve the content and the usefulness of the guide to network providers.

If you have ideas or suggestions for future clinical guides, please send your comments and suggestions to me. We look forward to collaborating with you on these and future guides. Thank you for your collective efforts to the success of Legacy Health Partners.

Nick Kashey, M.D.
Legacy Health Partners medical director


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