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2018 Year in Review

By Merrin Permut, LHP executive director and Nick Kashey, LHP medical director

As we close out the year, we can all feel good about what we collectively achieved. Achievements included new clinical collaboration guides and events, provider-level reporting for select primary care measures, and the launch of new support services for providers and their practices. There were some growing pains related to our ability to provide timely and up-to-date data on your dashboards, but all in all, it was a great year. Read the whole story.

Get ready for the new year

LHP is busy laying the groundwork for another successful performance year in 2019. The LHP Board and Quality and Membership Committee designed the 2019 Clinical Integration (CI) Program with meaningful measure growth in mind, continuing the 2018 program’s focus on improving patient outcomes, enhancing patient experience, and monitoring utilization of health care resources. Read the whole story.

Quality Corner – LHP supports quality improvement with patient outreach and education

During the past year, LHP has invested in two patient outreach projects to help LHP practices engage patients in preventive care and improve network performance on health and wellness measures. One project targeted 2,500 members of our contracted populations who are not currently attributed to a primary care provider and are overdue for one or more of their recommended health screenings. The other project aims to educate women in their late sixties and early seventies about the importance of continuing to get regular mammograms. Read the whole story. 

A holiday gift – more time

For those of you who missed the announcement in the Nov. 12 Hot Topic, here’s a reminder that LHP has extended the deadline to January 11, 2019 for providers to complete ONE provider learning module in E+ and for practice administrators to attest to completion of all practice-level measures. The extension is the result of the recently announced holiday closure of the Legacy System Office, including Legacy Health Partners, from 12/24/18 through 1/1/19.

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