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March 2018

New and improved and ready early this year!

The 2018 Clinical Integration (CI) Education and Learning Modules are ready for you through E+, Legacy’s education portal. We’ve tailored this year’s CI Education to allow you to pick a path and view information unique to your role – primary care, specialist or practice administrator. There are 11 LHP Learning Modules available to you this year, including five new ones on provider wellness, quality improvement, social determinants of health and risk adjustment. Read the whole story.

Clinical Integration Handbook now available

To gain a thorough understanding of this year’s measures you’ll see on the dashboard, read the 2018 Clinical Integration Handbook posted on the team site. The handbook describes the data sources used for the measures in LHP’s CI Program and contains numerator, denominator, and exclusion details for each measure. In case you missed it, the January newsletter provided a summary of what’s new this year. There are some specialty-specific measures, but they’ll continue to be measured at the network level only.

Quality Corner - Targeted outreach gives providers information about patients using brand-name medications

There is an LHP provider outreach project currently being piloted that aims to improve patient safety and decrease costs to patients, the health system and payors. Using clinical and payor claims data, the Legacy Care Transformation Cost and Use (C&U) committee identified increased utilization of brand name medications as one of the primary drivers of increasing per-member, per-month prescription costs in our value-based contracts. Read the whole story.

LHP strategic plan focus area: Improving population health

Understanding the impacts and influences of what has been termed the "social determinants of health” is part of LHP’s focus on improving population health. Growing scientific evidence suggests that social factors such as education, income, housing and food security can determine health status, health needs and health outcomes. Read the whole story.

Participating in MACRA in 2018?

If so, you could earn full credit for the Improvement Activities category in MIPS by participating in the CMS study of Burdens Associated with Reporting Quality Measures in 2018. Applications for the study are due March 23, 2018. More information is available here.

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