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2018 Membership Requirements – Raising the bar

With an eye on continuous improvement, we’ve raised the bar a bit on what it takes to be a member of LHP. Below is a summary of this year's membership requirements followed by complete details. Please take any needed action to ensure that your practice and providers are able to fully participate and receive the benefits of being part of the LHP Network.
2018 Membership Requirements

Full Member requirements - Physicians and independently practicing Advanced Practice Providers
* Signed Participating Provider Agreement and complete membership application file
* Actively used email addresses for provider and office manager
* Legacy Health medical staff membership
* Minimum Clinical Integration Score

Practice membership requirements
* New: Certified EHR Technology for network practices of all specialties
* New: Medical Home status for primary care practices

Dashboard managers should attest for practice membership requirements on their LHP Dashboard by September 30, 2018. A practice’s LHP membership may be terminated if the practice falls out of compliance with any current membership requirements.
The Details

Minimum Clinical Integration Score

Last year we added a minimum clinical integration score requirement for all providers as a way to encourage active engagement by every member of LHP. You can review the policy on the LHP Team Site.

Providers who did not meet the minimum score for their performance in 2017 will soon be receiving a letter from LHP notifying them that they are not eligible for any clinical integration incentive for 2017 and that they have been placed on a monitoring plan for the 2018 measurement year. The monitoring plan requires:
• Completing 2018 Clinical Integration Education by June 30, 2018
• Completing a 2018 Provider Learning Module by December 28, 2018
• Attending a performance monitoring meeting with the LHP Medical Director, their Field Operations Adviser, and their Practice Administrator before the end of the year
• Completing documentation by September 30, 2018 that describes how the provider will take action to improve performance in 2018

Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) requirement for practices of all specialties

LHP practices of all specialties are now required to have a Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) that is recognized by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) or they must be in the process of implementing a CEHRT prior to December 31, 2018. You can find out if your current EHR is certified by looking up your product version here.

The good news is that most LHP practices are already using certified EHR technology. It is one of the most reliable ways for providers to communicate about their patients and allows the exchange of clinical data, which improves quality and promotes care coordination efforts.

If your practice does not yet have a certified EHR, please note that the availability of LEAP (Legacy Epic for Affiliated Providers) resources are limited. Talk with your Field Operations Adviser about your plans to fulfill this requirement or to review the criteria for qualifying for an exemption. Download the CEHRT Exemption request form on the LHP Team Site and submit it by October 12, 2018 for your practice to be considered for an exemption from this requirement in 2018.

Medical Home Requirement for primary care practices

Medical Homes enhance the ability to provide patient care that is more comprehensive and personalized, which is particularly helpful in caring for patients with chronic conditions. Many LHP practices are already medical-home certified or are in the process of becoming certified. Primary care practices can satisfy LHP’s Medical Home requirement in the following ways:
• Be certified as a Medical Home Tier 3 or higher by Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home by December 31, 2018
• Meet the Core Criteria for NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home by December 31, 2018
• Complete a Medical Home assessment with Legacy Partner Solutions with intention to be certified as a Medical Home by December 31, 2019. Assessments completed in either 2017 or 2018 satisfy the 2018 requirement.
(Note: Assessments completed for LHP practices in Washington can be recognized for up to three years. Washington practices who complete an assessment should intend to be certified by December 31, 2021.)

If your practice is not yet certified, talk with your Field Operations Adviser for more information and to learn about the hands-on assistance available through Legacy Partner Solutions.


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