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Legacy Care Support Resources brochure photoCare Support Resources delivers quantifiable benefits

"Care Support Resources has been an incredibly helpful service to my highest-need patients in coordinating their care, taking a load off our clinic staff and myself. Laura Cirotski has been wonderful to work with."

It’s clear from this comment from an LHP primary care provider that LHP’s Care Support Resources program is hitting on all four cylinders of the Quadruple Aim: Better health, reduced costs, enhanced patient experience and greater provider satisfaction.
What is it?
For those of you not yet familiar with Care Support Resources (CSR), here are the basics:
• Legacy Care Support Resources offers an extra layer of support to providers caring for the small subset of their patient panel that needs more care and perhaps even extra services unavailable in the clinic setting.
• Patients who stratify into this program receive support and resources to help them manage their conditions and medications; transition smoothly between care settings; adopt healthier lifestyles; and find social services, if needed.
• The CSR care team includes case managers, pharmacists and health coaches. These professionals work with providers to care for their patients in a coordinated, cost-effective manner.
• Currently, 510 patients are under management by Care Support Resources staff who are working with providers in 55 practices.

Quantifiable impacts
• CSR members eligible for colorectal cancer screenings were 1.8 times more likely than non-CSR members to have received an exam.
• CSR members with diabetes were 2.5 times more likely than non-CSR members to have received the appropriate HbA1c screening.
• Measured changes in ED and hospital inpatient utilization and average monthly medical expenditure (PMPM) from one year before a member started the CSR program to one year after program initiation:
* 24% reduction in ED visits and a 31% reduction in in-patient admissions.
     * Medical expenditures for CSR members declined by 32%. This equates to an annual savings of $1 million to Legacy Health for the 182 members who went through the program last year. 
• More than 90% of patients who graduated from CSR reported they could positively affect their health and had set goals to improve their health.
• 74% of providers surveyed reported that the CSR program was valuable to their practice and patients.

Data period: October 2016-November 2017

Learn more about Care Support Resources by talking with your Field Operations Adviser and download the CSR brochure from the LHP team site.


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