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Reports available on LHP Dashboards in Epic

Attribution reports and many of our patient care gap lists are now available on your LHP Dashboard in Epic for primary care providers and certain specialists – such as Obstetrics or Endocrinology – who are eligible for having attributed patients. These reports can be found in the “LHP Reports” section on the right-hand side of your LHP Dashboard or within the Report Library in Epic.

Patient Attribution Reports

The Attribution Report lists patients that are attributed to a provider using LHP’s custom attribution algorithm. Attribution allows LHP to accurately match a provider with their patients, which helps providers deliver the right care at the right time for their patients. It also correctly identifies the patients a provider is accountable for in LHP performance measures and ultimately impacts the incentive they will earn.

IMPORTANT: If you feel a patient has been incorrectly attributed to you and you know who the patient should be attributed to, you can request to have the patient re-attributed. Re-attribution requests can be submitted through September 30 by completing the patient re-attribution request form available on the LHP team site.

The following tools and tip sheets are available on the LHP team site under the Data and Reporting section:

•  Attribution FAQ – Includes information on removing patients from your attribution lists if they should not be attributed to you, why they may be showing up there, why a patient may be attributed to a specialist rather than a PCP, plus plenty more.
•  Provider Generates Patient Attribution Report - Tip Sheet
•  Administrator Generates Attribution Reports - Tip Sheet
•  Patient re-attribution request form

Care Gap Reports

We’re just about half-way through the year, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to pay particular attention to closing patient care gaps.

Patient care gap reports are available to primary care providers on their LHP Dashboard for preventive and chronic condition measures such as cancer screenings, well-child measures and diabetic measures. Providers can click directly on the link for the measure to generate the report to determine which of your attributed patients need screenings and then schedule needed appointments to improve patient health and ensure your efforts get recognized in the 2018 clinical integration program performance data.

Administrators can also generate reports on behalf of their providers. Several new tools and tip sheets are available on the LHP team site under the Data and Reporting section: 

•  Care Gap Reports FAQ
•  Provider Generates Patient Care Gap Report - Tip Sheet
•  Practice Administrator Generates Patient Care Gap Report - Tip Sheet

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