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LHP Board tackles complex questions at annual retreat

Are we living up to our values?
How can those values help us navigate tough decisions?
What can the LHP Board do to better support providers?

By Peter T. Beatty, M.D. and DeOna Bridgeman, M.D., chair and vice chair, LHP Board of Managers

For the past five years the LHP Board, committees and leadership team have focused on building the functional components of our clinically integrated network. Our organization is well positioned to meet the unique and varied needs of area providers, patients and payors.

We’ll continue to build and support LHP’s foundation and operational structure, but we’ve also entered a new stage in our evolution that warrants some introspection. At its annual retreat in May, the board reviewed LHP’s strategic goals in light of the network’s culture and the values that represent that culture. The LHP Board took stock of how well we are living up to our values – partnership, improvement, performance and purposeful – by asking four pointed questions:

•  What current actions show that we are demonstrating each value?
•  Where are we missing the boat?
•  What are the primary barriers to demonstrating each value?
•  How will we know when we successfully demonstrate each value?

Discussion helped the board articulate some indicators of our current status and gave us a line-of-sight to actions that will help the organization more fully live up to the promise of each value.

How values can guide future decision-making

With LHP’s values in mind, the board considered a slate of very real future scenarios that likely will require us to weigh one value more heavily over another in our decision-making. There are inherent tensions and tradeoffs present in the complex and constantly changing health care system. For example, how should the board balance LHP network goals and needs with the ability and willingness of different practices to take on risk? The board agreed that its primary role should be to “navigate the rocks” in contract negotiations and make decisions that best fulfill our values of partnership and performance.

Another area that warrants careful consideration is how much data should be shared with members about quality and utilization to facilitate improvement. Letting providers know where they stand compared to others could demonstrate and support our improvement and performance values, but sharing unblinded data across the network as a means of motivation could work against our partnership value. It’s a delicate balance.

Values into action

You can expect to see LHP’s values clearly tied to our strategic plan goals and associated tactics throughout the year. Here are a few examples:

Emphasis on cost and use (partnership): Our newly released Clinical Collaboration Guides and the associated Clinical Collaboration Series demonstrate the benefits of bringing colleagues together to discuss practical ways to improve contract performance while still delivering outstanding patient care.

Provider recognition (improvement): Recognizing top performers and innovative practices is more than a pat on the back – it’s an opportunity for LHP members to be motivated by and learn from the performance of the network’s top achievers. 

Transparent and timely reporting (performance): Throughout the year we’ll produce reports and actionable data that will help you improve performance on both quality and utilization.

Value-added services (purposeful): We are working to identify more opportunities to be purposeful by developing new services to ease the burden of LHP practices through behavioral health offerings, patient experience surveys and more.

A bright future

The future of Legacy Health Partners holds great promise. Your provider-led board will continue to “navigate the rocks,” provide ongoing strategic oversight and communicate difficult decisions, while the strong alignment and engagement between the board and committees will ensure continuity of leadership and the representation of all points of view.

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