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July 2018

New Care Resources Line offers on-demand telephonic access to pharmacy and resourcing experts

How many times in your day do you wish you had more people and resources readily available to help you give your patients the complete care they need? Perhaps someone has behavioral health needs and you need assistance identifying available resources. Or a patient is having problems with their medication, or is experiencing transportation or housing issues that make it difficult to follow through on their care plan. Help is now just a phone call away. Read the whole story and download an overview about the Care Resources Line.

Hats off to top performers in the 2017 Clinical Integration Program

As LHP’s Field Operations Advisers finish delivering results and incentive checks for the 2017 program, let’s review what we achieved as a network last year! We met 18 of our 24 network measures and $1,215,722 in Clinical Integration Program incentive funds was earned by 167 of 191 practices. For an overview of our collective impacts on quality, cost and population health, read the LHP 2017 Impact Summary.

We also believe that LHP's high performers deserve some public recognition. Read the whole story here and see who did the best in a number of performance categories..

Feeling burnt out? We hear you and we have some ideas to help

By Merrin Permut, LHP Executive Director

We know that we ask a lot of you at times. There’s so much we need to collectively accomplish, and that requires extra effort from everyone.
But we also acknowledge there are times when participation in LHP might be adding to the increased burden you are feeling as you work to balance outstanding patient care with reporting requirements with the business aspects of running your practice. We have some ideas to both increase the value you receive as an LHP member and address burnout. Read the story here.

Kudos Corner

We think that the “early completers” of the 2018 LHP Clinical Integration Education deserve a shout-out. Read the story and see the list of practices we're recognizing for being among the first to complete the education.

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