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Feeling burnt out? We hear you and we have some ideas

By Merrin Permut, LHP Executive Director

We know that we ask a lot of you at times. There’s so much we need to collectively accomplish, and that requires extra effort from everyone.
But we also acknowledge – and the Legacy Health physician engagement survey that many of you participated in bears this out – that there are times when participation in LHP might be adding to the increased burden you are feeling as you work to balance outstanding patient care with reporting requirements with the business aspects of running your practice. That said, many of you also recognize that by participating in Legacy Health Partners, you are also supporting your practice as healthcare transitions to a value-based system.

The LHP Board and staff have devoted a lot of time lately to discussing how we can increase the value you receive through your membership in LHP. And that question needs to address burnout. We’re looking at every aspect of LHP’s programs and operations through the lens of how we can lighten your load, and when we do ask you to do something extra in support of LHP’s goals, we want to make sure that you know your efforts are appreciated.
Our commitment to you is that as we consider any initiative that supports our shared mission, we will be extremely thoughtful about the potential impact on you. Specifically, we will:
•  Be upfront about the impact of any initiative to you and your practice by asking ourselves, does it increase burnout or reduce it? Does it support the entire care team?
•  Respect the provider/patient relationship
•  Recognize that time is the greatest value; reduced administrative time means more time for patient care

Here are a few of the ideas we’re pursuing:
•  Reduce administrative burden with health plan partners (eliminate unnecessary prior authorizations, facilitate ease of referrals) 
•  Create more opportunities for provider-to-provider connections (work on clinical collaboration guides, information-sharing events)
•  Offer workshops for relevant topics that are complex and that create uncertainty (MACRA, shift from fee-for-service to value-based contracting)
•  Be the conduit for proactive sharing of best-practices (clinical guidance for appropriate imaging, strategies for engaging patients in their own care)
•  Help providers with repetitive aspects of patient care (distributing education about generic medications, reminders for visits or screenings)
•  Share successes and celebrate high performers (recognize and thank top-performing practices/providers throughout the year)
•  Promote provider wellness resources (Learning Modules on Mindfulness, Legacy Provider Peer Support Program)
•  Customize our member support services (specific Legacy Partner Solutions offerings designed for both clinical and administrative functions)

We invite your ideas. Please share them with me at mpermut@lhs.org, or through your Field Operations Adviser.


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