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Results and kudos – 2017 Clinical Integration Program results

As LHP’s Field Operations Advisers finish delivering results and incentive checks for the 2017 program, let’s review what we achieved as a network last year! We met 18 of our 24 network measures and $1,215,722 in Clinical Integration Program incentive funds was earned by 167 of 191 practices.

2017 program highlights
Our clinically integrated network:
• Achieved an average length-of-stay of 3.2 days in 2017 compared to 3.3 days in 2016
• Reduced utilization of the ED by 25 visits per 1,000 compared to 2016
• Improved performance on all three well-child visit measures. Notably, the LHP Network increased well-child visits for children 13 to 17 years of age by more than 10% since 2016
• Increased generic medication prescriptions to 98% in 2017
• Outperformed performance targets for cervical and colorectal cancer screenings for the second year in a row
• Realized a 24% reduction in medical costs for members who graduated from the Care Support Resources (CSR) program
The LHP 2017 Impact Summary is a visual overview of our collective impacts on quality, cost and population health.
Kudos to providers who completed all provider and practice measures

Hats off to the providers in these 77 practices who completed 100% of their eligible provider and practice measures in 2017:
• Advanced Gastroenterology
• Ankle and Foot Clinic of Oregon, Lake Oswego Foot Clinic
• Ankle and Foot Physicians and Surgeons PLLC
• Bret Kean, M.D., P.C.
• Bridgeview Women's Health, LLC
• Broadway Foot Clinic
• Broadway Medical Clinic
• Cardiology Consults
• Cascade Pathology Services Corp.
• Cascadia Women's Clinic, LLP
• Clackamas Surgical Associates
• Columbia Neurosurgical Associates, LLC
• CT Woolley, M.D., P.C.
• Davies Clinic, P.C.
• Dr. Dee Granville
• Dr. Jay C. Goldstein
• Edna Kung, M.D., P.C.
• Elisa Burgess, M.D., P.C.
• Emily Hu, M.D., P.C.
• Family Medical Group NE
• Glaucoma Associates and Consultation, P.C.
• Gresham Podiatry Center, LLC
• Gresham Women's Healthcare
• Healthmax Primary Care
• Hillsboro Foot Clinic
• James P. Cuyler M.D., P.C.
• James Resk M.D., P.C.
• Jo Anne Nielsen M.D., P.C.
• Knott Street Dermatology
• Lake Grove ENT, P.C.
• Larry D Jensen, DPM, P.C.
• Legacy Devers Eye Institute- Emanuel
• Mark A Terry, M.D., P.C.
• Matthew T.A Sugalski, M.D., P.C.
• Metropolitan Pediatrics, LLC
• Michael P. Gardner, M.D.
• Mt. Hood Women's Health, P.C.
• Northwest Dermatology & Laser Clinic
• Northwest Gastroenterology Clinic, LLC
• Northwest Neurosurgical Associates, LLC
• Northwest Urology, LLC
• NW Pediatric Gastroenterology, LLC
• Olson Pediatric Clinic
• Oregon Eye Specialists, P.C.
• Oregon Sleep Associates
• Oregon Spine Care
• Oregon Urology Clinic
• Orthopedics Northwest
• Patricia Burford, M.D.
• Paul D. Ruesch, M.D., P.C.
• Pediatric Associates of the NW
• Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon
• Phoebe Rich Dermatology
• Portland Anesthesia Specialists, LLC
• Portland Dermatology Clinic
• Portland Diabetes & Endocrinology Center, P.C.
• Portland Rheumatology Clinic
• Radiology Consultants, Inc.
• Rehabilitation Medicine Associates
• Ronald L. Clarke M.D., LLC
• Southwest Family Physicians
• Spinal Diagnostics, P.C.
• Summit Imaging, Inc.
• Synergy Women's Health Care, LLC
• The Center for Men's and Women's Urology, LLC
• The Vu Center for Plastic and Hand Surgery, P.C.
• Todd Kuether, LLC (dba Kuether Brain and Spine)
• Troy C. Stoeber M.D., LLC
• Tualatin Imaging, P.C.
• Vancouver Eye Care, P.S.
• Vancouver Radiologists, P.C.
• Willamette Dermatology
• Willamette Falls Pediatric Group
• Willamette General & Colon-Rectal Surgery, P.C.
• Willamette Surgical Clinic, P.C.
• Women's Health of Oregon
• Women's Healthcare Associates, LLC

Top performers on preventive measures

The following practices were our highest performers on our preventive measures in 2017, based on having at least 30 LHP patients attributed to providers in their practice, or at least 10 attributed patients for the well-child visits 0-15 months measure.

Well-child visits (0-15 months)
• Broadway Medical Clinic*
• Metropolitan Pediatrics – Gresham
• Metropolitan Pediatrics – Westside*
• Pediatric Associates of the Northwest – Portland*
• Pediatric Associates of the Northwest – Tigard
• The Vancouver Clinic – Salmon Creek
Well-child visits (3-6 years):
• Broadway Medical Clinic*
• Metropolitan Pediatrics – Northwest*
• Olson Pediatric Clinic
• Sunset Pediatrics

Well-child visits (13-17 years):
• Metropolitan Pediatrics – Northwest*
• Metropolitan Pediatrics – Westside*
• Pediatric Associates of the Northwest – Portland*

* Extra kudos to Broadway Medical Clinic, Metropolitan Pediatrics (Northwest & Westside) and Pediatric Associates of the Northwest (Portland) who excelled on well-child measures across multiple age groups.

Breast cancer screenings:
• Cascade Physicians – Northwest
• Legacy Medical Group
• The Vancouver Clinic – 87th Avenue
Cervical cancer screenings:
• Bridgeview Women’s Health
• Mt. Hood Women’s Health
• The Oregon Clinic

Colorectal cancer screenings:
• Creekside Medical
• Davies Clinic
• GreenField Health
• Legacy Medical Group

Applause for extra effort in data submission

We’d also like to share a big kudos to the following practices who went above the call of duty to provide additional data for cancer screenings in the spirit of clinical integration! Participating in the voluntary data submission process truly makes an impact on performance each year.
• Broadway Medical Clinic
• Cascade Physicians
• Creekside Medical Clinic
• Family Wellness Center
• GreenField Health
• Internal Medicine Northwest
• Lake Medical Clinic
• Northwest Medical Associates
• Southwest Family Physicians
• The Willamette Clinic
• West Linn Family Health Center
• West Linn Primary Care
• Women's Healthcare Associates
• Woodstock Family Medicine 

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