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Focus on these 5 things in the last five months of 2018

In the June 21st Hot Topic, we shared tips for improving performance on preventive measures in this year’s Clinical Integration Program. Here are some specific areas you can focus on to maximize performance in the final months of 2018.

1. Complete education videos and attest to practice membership requirements.
LHP offers two types of education each year:
•  Clinical Integration Education: Full-member providers and practice administrators should complete CI Education by September 30 to be eligible to earn an incentive for 2018.
•  Provider Learning Modules: Full-member providers earn points toward their CI score by viewing one of the available learning modules on E+ by December 28.

ATTEST TO MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Two practice measures from last year’s CI Program are now membership requirements. Practice administrators, remember to attest to these membership requirements on your LHP Dashboard on behalf of your practice by September 30:
•  All practices must have a Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) or be in the process of implementing a CEHRT by the end of 2018.
•  Primary care practices must be certified as a Medical Home Tier 3 or higher by Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home or meet the Core Criteria for NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home by December 31, 2018 OR be in the process of pursuing Medical Home certification with intention to be certified by the end of 2019.

If you have questions about practice membership requirements, talk with your Field Operations Adviser.

2. Review LHP’s clinical guidelines available on the team site.
LHP’s Clinical Collaboration Guides posted on the LHP team site help practices streamline clinical processes and enhance clinical collaboration in the LHP Network.

3. Focus your efforts on at least one quality improvement activity.
Assess current performance on LHP’s quality measures on the LHP dashboard to identify areas where you can make an impact before the end of the measurement year.

4. Submit data to help LHP report the most-accurate performance.
LHP has an incomplete picture of performance for screenings completed during long look-back periods for cancer screenings or for diabetic eye exams that were billed to a patient’s vision benefit rather than their medical benefit. Follow these instructions to help us report the most accurate performance for the LHP patient population. Many primary care measures are reported at the individual provider-level this year, so your practice’s performance in the Clinical Integration Program and any incentive you earn will be directly tied to your providers’ personal performance on those measures.

LHP is also developing a process for primary care practices to submit results for two outcomes measures in our CI Program after the end of the year: Controlling High Blood Pressure and Comprehensive Diabetes Care – HbA1c Poor Control. We’ll share more information this fall.

5. Schedule and complete preventive visits for your LHP patients to close care gaps.
Late summer and fall are busy times of year for annual visits, especially for wellness visits for children. The LHP team site page, Data and Reporting, has information about how to run care gap reports to see current care gaps for your LHP patients.

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