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Checking in on the PacificSource/Legacy partnership

For Legacy Health, PacificSource and Legacy Health Partners, the past year has been one of increased familiarity and integration that positions us to work even more collaboratively and effectively in the future. In recent months, discussions have resulted in the development of a growth strategy that will deliver value to all three organizations as well as to patients, employers and providers.

Central to that growth strategy is the goal of increasing the number of lives covered by PacificSource health plans and patients attributed to LHP providers. The PacificSource Medicare Advantage plans offered last fall represented a significant development for LHP. Access to the LHP Network, with our emphasis on coordinated care and a broad network of specialty and primary care providers, was promoted as a key benefit of these plans.
What we have learned since taking that initial step toward growing covered lives together is the importance of being able to differentiate ourselves in the health care marketplace. To that end, leaders have agreed to focus on seven “market differentiators” that will help us grow market share by delivering products and services that are easy to access and use, more affordable and more comprehensive than those available from our competitors.
Our 7 market differentiators:
1. Develop comprehensive virtual visits and online scheduling capabilities
2. Create a frictionless experience for onboarding new members and meeting patient needs
3. Dramatically remove health plan barriers (make prior authorizations easier)
4. Implement a market-unique service guarantee to PacificSource members within LHP product offerings
5. Promote a large employer collaborative plan/provider/employer engagement model
6. Clearly articulate key differentiators of the Legacy Health, PacificSource and LHP partnership 
7. Rapidly expand Legacy Health presence on the west side of the metropolitan region

LHP’s vision is to “be the preferred choice for our providers and for our community.” Clearly, this partnership and growth strategy represent huge potential for achieving our goal.


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