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Unattributed patient postcard September 2018Outreach to unattributed members about preventive screenings

Legacy Health Partners has targeted approximately 2,500 members of LHP’s contracted populations for outreach on the topic of primary care. These members were selected because they are not currently attributed to a primary care provider in the LHP Network and they are behind on one or more preventive screening measures.
They will receive a postcard in early September reminding them about the importance of routine preventive screenings and encouraging them to establish care with an LHP primary care provider. The postcard recommends that the member contact Legacy Referral Services to get assistance finding a primary care provider within the LHP network. Later in the year, we will measure the impact of this outreach to determine its effectiveness.

The postcard was reviewed by the Legacy Health Partners Quality and Membership committee and the Clinical Collaboration and Performance Improvement subcommittee..


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