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Preview of the 2020 Clinical Integration program


The Quality and Membership Committee recommended – and the LHP Board recently approved – the 2020 clinical integration (CI) program.

Only one new quality measure is being added this year to avoid increasing the burden on providers and allow the network to focus on improving performance on the strong set of measures already in place. Appropriate Foley catheter use in the ED ensures that patients who have a Foley catheter placed in the Emergency Department (ED) have an indication documenting the reason for placing the catheter. This measure aligns with a measure that ED providers currently report on a national level. The measure serves to prevent unnecessary placement of Foley catheters, and the potential infections that may arise as a result. It will be reported at the network level for emergency medicine providers.

An overview of all the 2020 CI program measures is available on the LHP team site.


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