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Quality Corner: Providers learn how cannabis affects their patients

In October, more than sixty LHP providers convened for “Your Patients and Cannabis: A Practical Approach” as part of our ongoing Clinical Collaboration Series. Read the full story about how providers representing many specialties learned more about the once taboo topic that now impacts a significant portion of patients seen each day.

LHP CI Reporting Suite is easier to access with new links

Legacy Health Partners (LHP) has added links directly to the LHP Clinical Integration Reporting Suite in locations that providers frequently use so it’s even more convenient to access LHP dashboards and reports. Read the full story. 

Connect to Epic and your colleagues from your mobile device

With increasing use of mobile devices to access Epic and other work functions, providers have asked for secure options to coordinate communication about patient care with colleagues. Legacy is now offering a secure provider-to-provider chat feature through the Haiku and Canto mobile apps, from which both texts and images can be sent. Read the full story. 

Primary Care First application available

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) is accepting applications from Oregon primary care practices for the upcoming Primary Care First (PCF) payment model. The PCF model is the next iteration of the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) model, which ends after performance year 2021. Read more about eligibility and incentives.