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Quality Corner: 2019 year in review

As 2019 comes to a close, we can all feel proud about what we have collectively achieved this past year and apply those experiences and learnings to 2020. Major milestones included our first annual LHP Quality Awards, the launch of our new dashboard and reporting tools, and continued growth of covered lives. Read the full story to review other achievements over the year.

Year-end reminders

Have you done all you can to ensure you will meet this year’s minimum clinical integration score of 60%? Read the full story for year-end reminders to help you maximize your score.

Open comment period: Buprenorphine Perioperative Management guide

Buprenorphine is more and more commonly prescribed to patients for managing either opiate use disorder or persistent pain. The teaching about handling this medication around the time of procedures has changed significantly in recent years. The most notable change is that buprenorphine does not have to be discontinued prior to elective procedures. Coordinated planning between surgical teams, anesthesiology providers, primary care providers, and buprenorphine prescribers will improve the experience for the patient and avoid having the patient’s surgery canceled.

Review the draft Buprenorphine Perioperative Management guide on the LHP team site during the open comment period and email comments or feedback to Dr. Nick Kashey before March 1, 2020.

Prepare to meet new CMS guidelines for advanced imaging orders in 2020

Beginning on Jan 1, 2020, Legacy Health will request that ordering providers and staff consult appropriate use criteria (AUC) through a qualified clinical decision support mechanism (CDSM) when placing ambulatory orders for advance imaging for Medicare-insured patients. Read the full story to learn more about what is changing to meet new CMS mandates.

Thanks for your service

As we approach the end of the year, the LHP leadership team wishes to express our gratitude to all who committed hours and shared their experience and knowledge through their service as LHP Board and committee members. We thank those of you below who are departing from the LHP governance structure. We hope you will continue to make your voices heard through interactions with your field operations advisers, participation in network collaboration events and engagement with other LHP channels.

Board of Managers Finance & Contracting Committee  Quality & Membership Committee 
Bruce Andison, M.D.
Robert Bentley, M.D.
Mark Buchholz, M.D.
Jennifer Kearsley, M.D.
Rae Arendt
Mark Buchholz, M.D.
Dinelli Monson, M.D.
Michael Sheffield, M.D.
Bert Tavelli, M.D.
Christopher Thoming, M.D.
John Bauman
Albert Chaffin, M.D.
Raghu Varier, D.O.