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Care Resources Line offers on-demand access to pharmacy and resourcing experts

How many times a day do you wish for more people and resources readily available to help you give your patients the complete care they need? Perhaps someone has behavioral health needs and you need assistance identifying available resources. Perhaps you need to locate services for someone with behavioral health needs. Or a patient is having problems with medication or is experiencing transportation or housing issues that make it difficult to follow through on their care plan. Help is now just a phone call away.

LHP introduced the Care Resources Line as one of the Legacy Partner Solutions offerings last year. This subscription service is now available to everyone in the LHP Network. It gives you access to pharmacists and care coordination specialists to consult with on any of your patients, whether they are a member of an LHP-contracted population or not.
The Care Resources Line is one of several Legacy Partner Solutions offerings available to LHP members with flexible, affordable pricing to help them be successful in value-based contracting arrangements. Other services include:
  • Legacy Partner Solutions for MACRA
  • Legacy Partner Solutions for Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • Legacy Partner Solutions for Patient Experience Surveys

Learn more about the Care Resources Line and the other Legacy Partner Solutions offerings by downloading the overviews from the Population Health Services page on the LHP team site. Your field operations adviser can give you information on pricing and access.


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