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Quality Corner: Improving together

As a clinically integrated network, LHP brings providers together in collaborative work focused on improving health care quality, safety and patient outcomes.

Learning and improving together is essential to our collective success. LHP uses a variety of approaches to provide network support, education and learning opportunities. Sharing best practices is one way LHP members can help each other improve patient care and perform at a higher level on LHP’s quality improvement measures.

In about a month, you’ll have access to the 2019 Clinical Integration Education, which offers improvement tactics and suggestions for PCPs, specialists, and practice administrators.

This year’s Clinical Integration (CI) Education includes interviews with two primary care practices that have demonstrated excellent performance. You’ll learn about tactics these practices use every day to improve patient care.
The CI Education (completion is required for any incentive payout) and LHP Learning Modules (six new topics to choose from this year) will be available through Legacy’s E+ learning system. We’ll alert you when they are ready through this newsletter and through your field operations adviser.

Improving performance 

Last summer we also shared some actions you can take to improve performance on preventive measures. For example, some of our top-performing LHP practices review the next day’s minor urgent appointments or follow-up visits to identify patients who are due for a screening or a well-care visit, and then convert those appointments into well-care visits as time allows. This exercise can also be a patient satisfier, saving them an extra trip to the office.

Here are some other ways practices have improved patient care:
  • Mailing communications such as postcards to patients due for cancer screenings or immunizations
  • Utilizing birthday notices and reminders
  • Sending targeted care plans to members with chronic conditions like diabetes
  • Scheduling a patient’s next annual visit before they leave the office
  • Giving patients the ability to request appointments online

See if your practice can use some of these techniques to address chronic disease care and engage patients in preventive care. And if you have examples from your practice to share, let your field operations adviser know so LHP can continue to recognize top performers and share best practices to help us all improve together.


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