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At annual retreat, LHP board focuses on managing risk-based lives

This past Saturday, the Legacy Health Partners board of managers held its annual retreat and focused on the topic of how to manage risk-based lives. Read the whole story to learn about how the board is thinking about this topic and the ideas they will be testing to support improved network performance.

Latest LHP Clinical Collaboration Guide: Pulmonary Function Testing

Have you ever wondered which test you should use to diagnose a patient when evaluating shortness of breath? The Clinical Collaboration and Performance Improvement Committee has recognized opportunities where lower cost spirometry can be clinically appropriate in place of the more expensive complete pulmonary function testing (PFT). In response, this guide has been developed with the input from pulmonologists from various LHP practices to help guide appropriate testing. The LHP Clinical Collaboration guides are a growing library of documents to help us deliver high quality, efficient, evidence-based practice throughout the network, and enables us to meet our goals. Click here to view the latest clinical collaboration guide on pulmonary function testing (PFT) from Legacy Health Partners.

Quality Corner – Colorectal Cancer Awareness month

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month and is a great time for providers to raise awareness with their patients about the importance of colorectal cancer screening. During this awareness month, identify your patients who are overdue for screening and plan outreach to help get them in for needed screenings. Read the whole story to learn about further support for Fecal Immunochemical Tests (FIT) for colorectal cancer screening and how LHP is partnering with a primary care practice to mail FIT kits directly to patients who are overdue for screening.

Clinical Integration Handbook now available

Review the 2019 Clinical Integration (CI) Handbook posted on the team site to gain a thorough understanding of this year’s measures. The handbook describes the data sources used for the measures in LHP’s CI Program and contains numerator, denominator, and exclusion details for each measure. In case you missed it, last December’s newsletter provided a summary of what’s new this year.

Complete Clinical Integration Education in E+ by June 30 to get full points

The 2019 Clinical Integration (CI) Education is now available to providers and administrators to complete through E+, Legacy’s education portal. Completing CI Education is a requirement for full member providers to be eligible for ANY incentive payout. Read the full story for more information about CI education and links to resources if you have difficulty accessing E+.


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