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Complete Clinical Integration Education in E+ by June 30 to get full points

The 2019 Clinical Integration (CI) Education is now available to providers and administrators to complete through E+, Legacy’s education portal. You'll learn more about Legacy Health Partners’ four strategic goals and specific actions you can take to improve your own performance and that of the network to support our collective goals. Completing CI Education is a requirement for full member providers to be eligible for ANY incentive payout.
Schedule 25 minutes on your calendar to complete CI education by June 30 to receive full points toward your Clinical Integration score. If you do not complete the education by June 30, you can still earn half points for completing it by September 30.
If you need a refresher about accessing the education through E+, or if your password has expired since you last logged into E+, review these instructions posted on the LHP team site. Remember to use Internet Explorer as your web browser and then log in to E+ (


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