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Complete a 2019 Learning Module in E+

The Legacy Health Partners 2019 Learning Modules are ready to view through E+, Legacy’s education portal. There are 16 LHP Learning Modules available to choose from this year, including six new ones on talking about end-of-life, making patient experience work for you, diagnosis error prevention, using buprenorphine for treatment of opioid addiction and chronic pain, trauma-informed care, and pediatric suicide prevention.

Complete one module by December 27, 2019 to receive a point towards your clinical integration score, which impacts your incentive payout. Other benefits to watching a learning module include:

  • Knowledgeable subject matter experts present information and tools you can put to work in your clinic or practice
  • Easy-to-view presentations fit into your schedule (modules range from 12-33 minutes, most in the 20-minute range)
  • Relevant resources will be sent to you after you complete a module and are also available on the LHP team site
  • Topics are often applicable to your clinic administrators and staff as well and you can choose to view a learning module as a group. Remember to have one person email with a sign-in sheet so all LHP members receive credit for completing the module.

Read the descriptions and instructions for accessing the modules through E+. You only need to complete one module to receive credit for your clinical integration score, but feel free to watch any that interest you. Remember to use Internet Explorer as your web browser and then log in to E+ (

As a reminder, LHP’s 2019 Clinical Integration (CI) Education is also available in E+. Completing CI Education is a requirement for full member providers to be eligible for ANY incentive payout. Complete CI education by June 30 to receive full points toward your Clinical Integration score. If you do not complete the education by June 30, you can still earn half points for completing it by September 30.

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